Partially transparent anime rival.

Akudos is a Mecha warrior that appeared in episode 49 of Golden Warrior Gold Lightan, created through the combined effort of all three of Ibaruda's generals. Unlike most of the Mecha Kaiju, Akudos is a highly sentient being with his own ideals and motivations, a trait which leads to him rebelling against Ibaruda.

Acknowledging Akudos' strength, Ibaruda strikes a deal with him: If he can defeat Gold Lightan, Ibaruda will relinquish his base and all of his subordinates to him.  Akudos views the three generals as failures and a waste of energy, which causes them to become afraid of him, fearing that if he wins the bet, they'll be executed for being useless.

Akudos is one of the few enemies that possesses some kind of a code of honor. He challenges Gold Lightan to a one-on-one showdown in a desert, and when Hiro begins to suspect that it's a trap, Akudos reassures him that he would never resort to such impudent actions. Understanding that Akudos wants to face him in an honorable duel, Gold Lightan orders the Lightan Corps to stand down and not interfere with the fight. The two duel, and Akudos severely wounds Gold Lightan, running him through with his sword. Impressed by Gold Lightan's determination to get up and keep going even after receiving what should've been a fatal injury, Akudos sheds his armor and reveals his true form as a Mechapathy energy being. He then proceeds to relentlessly attack Gold Lightan whose Gold Crash can't harm an energy being. Gold Lightan is helpless until the three generals, fearing for their lives, reveal Akudos' only weakness to Gold Lightan: The only weapon that can harm him is his own sword. Akudos and Gold Lightan race to get the discarded sword, and Gold Lightan seizes it first and stabs Akudos. Defeated and weakened but not yet destroyed, Akudos congratulates Gold Lightan on his victory.