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A squad of giant robots in miniskirts has never looked so intimidating.

Daia-Light (referred to as Daia Killer in the episode 24 preview) is a Mecha Kaiju created by Man'nakka that appears in episode 24 of Golden Warrior Gold Lightan. A team of six Daia Lights was dispatched to fight the Lightan Corps.

The Daia Lights' main weapon is a high-power laser. In a computer simulation test the laser easily dismembered and blew up Gold Lightan. In order to perfect the laser, Man'nakka sent the Daia Lights to steal Earth's biggest diamonds so they can be incorporated into the weapon. During their search one of the robots encountered Gold Lightan and engaged him in combat, crippling the Golden Warrior with his laser and dealing him his first defeat. However, before collapsing from his injuries, Gold Lightan knocks the diamond that powered Daia Light's laser out of the robot's forehead. Man'nakka organizes a new search for the lost diamond while Mechanic Lightan treats Gold Lightan's wounds. After a rather elaborate scheme devised by Hiro (involving a fake diamond in a fake museum with mannequin guards, no less) fails, Scope Lightan, Denji Lightan and IC Lightan come under attack by the Daia Lights and are forced to flee, however, IC Lightan is shot down and surrounded by the Daia Lights. Just as they're about to finish off the brains of the Lightan Corps, the rest of the team, led by the freshly repaired Gold Lightan, arrive to aid their teammates and a battle ensues. The Daia Lights demonstrate their ability to combine, vastly increasing the power of their laser, but, using the G6 Formation, the Lightan Corps beat them and shake hands inside the combined Daia Lights' guts. 

The combined form of the Daia Killers

The world's most brutal handshake.