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Hiroshi Taikai (大海 ヒロシ Taikai Hiroshi?) nicknamed Hiro (ヒロ?) is one of the protagonists of Golden Warrior Gold Lightan.

Personality & Character[]

His academic performance is no good, though he has demonstrated an ability to get good grades if he really puts his mind to it and studies as hard as he can. However, Hiro is exceptionally talented in athletics. Throughout the series he was shown excelling at skateboarding, soccer and baseball. He's proficient in martial arts and acrobatics to the point where he can beat Ibaruda's foot soldiers to a pulp with his bare hands and hold his own in a swordfight against Saiyokka. 

He's the older brother of Ohina and co-owner of Chibi, who he likes to play fetch with. His father owns an auto repair shop and a junkyard, very originally named "Motor". Hiro himself owns a custom-built go-kart and drives it rather expertly for a 12 year old elementary schooler.



Hiro demonstrates finesse and elegance.

Even Hiro's superhuman strength is no match for that steak.