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King Ibaruda is the decoy antagonist of the Golden Warrior Gold Lightan anime series. According to Gold Lightan, in human terms his original form was something akin to a cancer cell that mutated into the form of an extremely powerful robot as a result of an anomaly that occurred in the Mecha Dimension.

Eventually the Mecha Dimension violently rejected Ibaruda, expelling him into the Human World right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where he set up a base, the Mecha Palace, in the caldera of an undersea volcano.

A cruel, power-hungry tyrant, Ibaruda's main goal is world domination and the enslavement or destruction of the human race, which he considers vastly inferior to robots. However, he usually lets his generals do all the dirty work and only engages in battle when absolutely necessary. He has a pink pet robot that resembles a cross between a feline and a bird of prey, which he is very fond of.

He rules over three generals:

Ibaruda's Three Laws of Robotics[]

The Ibaruda's Three Laws are a heavily altered version of Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics that all of the Mecha Dimension Robo/Mecha Kaiju created by Ibaruda and his three Generals must obey.

1st Law: A robot must strive to harm human beings at every opportunity to do so.

2nd Law: A robot must always obey King Ibaruda without question.

3rd Law: As long as it does not conflict with the First or Second Law, a robot must protect its own existence.

The only two Mecha Dimension Robo known to have violated Ibaruda's Three Laws are Jun (ep 34) and Akudos (ep 49).


Ibaruda is easily one of the most powerful characters in the series, strong enough to defeat all five Lightan Gundan with just one finger and match Gold Lightan blow for blow. Though lacking the technical fighting skills of his nemesis, he possesses monstrous brute strength, the ability to shoot powerful laser beams from the tips of his fingers, electrocute his enemies with his bare hands, set them ablaze by spewing dark energy blasts from his mouth and mentally torture them by invading their minds and flooding them with images of war and destruction. He has also attempted to use Gold Lightan's Gold Crash during their final battle, aiming for the wound earlier inflicted by Akudos, however, it wasn't enough to kill the Golden Warrior.

His endurance is also noteworthy. Not only did he survive being submerged in boiling lava without any lasting damage, but Gold Lightan's one-hit kill attack, the Gold Crash, only weakened him instead of instantly killing him.